Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what a year so far...

WOW ... I just don't know what else to say but WOW... this has been a year so far. From Jan. 1 until now we have had sickness and death all around us . My mother in law was in the hospital since Christmas eve and then on Jan 1 my husband was was with her and He called and told me to call the family in she had taken a turn for the worse. I am immediately trying to figure how to pay for a trip to Missouri , David had not had but a couple runs over the past couple weeks...Well Praise God for family... my Granny,Dad & Stepmom Sharon and Aunt Sue came by and give me money to help me make it up there. David's niece came over and rode with me. It was so serious and so sad I knew I had to be there for my husband and his family.
While I am there one of my dear friends Dad gets rushed back into the hospital -He had a heart attack last year. Another friend lost her Dad to alzheimer's such a strong man of God gone home to be with his Savior. I then get a call from my mom and a very very dear man ( brother to my uncle{he was married to my mom's sister}) had died ...I was almost his daughter in law years ago .. Loved him and his wife !!!
I finally feel like I can come home on Tuesday and get a call again from my Mom ( she had stayed with Krysta and KaDee until tues then went home) wed morn her brother Joel Parker had passed away early that morning unexpectedly . I went to pieces again "How am I going to pay for this trip?" ... I did not have to figure to long on this one we got up to go and my KaDee had woke up sooo sick and with that croupy cough...plus we had no water I thought my pipes were frozen but it was just pipes shrunk and came loose from each other . WHEWWW WEEEEE !!!!!!! BLESSING IN DISGUISE!!

So now that all that has been dealt with ... My Mother in Law is still in the hospital... My husband David has gone back on the road...My Granny sold her house and now we have to pack her up to move her in with my aunt....We have to figure out how to pay our taxes from year before last and last year and find a new CPA that will actually help me stay on top of this stuff thru out the year and not at the end so we dont have to pay in again... I have got to find one who is going to keep up on the laws and let me know when i am doing something wrong.

With all of this I should be going to pieces but I am not ... not yet I am just leaning on my faith that God is going to help lead me to the right place to get the best help for my needs.

I will continue to pray for my family and friends and listen to their troubles because it is better for me to give to others than to give in to my problems.




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