Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan. 13th... well now??


I just thought I would post a few pics from when I was in Missouri ... Just a few shots of what happens when you get a whole bunch of Williamson's together for a a period of time in a serious situation. Nerves and emotions were high and lack of sleep brought out silliness as it always does. Everyone was so upset and concerned about Mom/Grandma/RenaMae we all had to find ways to relieve the nerves... enjoy the pics because now as I look back on the pictures I can chuckle a little bit about them.

Whatever are they looking at????

sneaky girls...hid KLONDIKE bars in one of the nurses station fridges...hehe




Trying really hard to smile without losing their Christina,David & Dawn (she is the one losing it big time hehe) {i jacked this pic from my sis-in-law}

Just a friendly game of BONES!!!!! hehehe

Gorgeous chapel inside the hospital....

The chapel was where I found my quiet solitude to deal with all that was going on both in Missouri and back in Texas and Louisiana. {{Read previous post}}

Hope you enjoy the pics and I ask that you pray for my Mom In Law as of today she is still in the hospital but in a room at least ... KaDee is getting better ...2 of my cousins had to go to hospital Donnie and Ronnie ... Granny is ready to pack up and move now that she has sold her house...Krysta got her supplies and everything needed at the college to day she begins her final semester next week..David talked to the two munchkins today and Jordan said her ankle is still bothering her ...Justin was just his norm .."I dont know ..Ok .. watching tv..ok ..I dont know !! " really a talkitive boy ..(FYI he is 13) lol .... I have got most of our tax stuff together now I just have to find a CPA to help me since I am not going back to A.N. .. I f i say help me tell me what I need to do follow up and make sure I understand the laws and make sure you know the laws so I am not told by the IRS "according to the law you should have been..." arrrgghhh

Well life is good and getting better everyday... "Take time to have a little talk with Jesus ... tell Him all about your troubles..." ( love that song) ... God Bless All who pass by to read this blog !!!

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