Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well I am sipping on the lemonade today !!!

Well the insurance guy came today and the plumber too!!!! Got the leak fixed and now waiting to get the floors done . I will be getting ne counters cabinets and floor .. Yeah ok this is great now I just have to trust God to help with the deductible .
and I have to figure out what kind of counter tops and floors i want . hummmm????

I am just not sure right now !!!!!!!

also update on Miss Jaidan ... she is doing good in fact they are able to start wheening her off her oxygen now YAYYY ... talked to my friend Jaime today and she sounds tired but happy .. I am asking for prayers for her now as the realties start to set in !!

Jaidan day 3 after her liver transplant and looking good and feeling better now that she has her bow back !!!! lol

take care everyone ... Take time to stop and breathe deeply !!!!

God Bless !!!

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