Monday, June 22, 2009

Life.. please no more lemons!!!!!

Let's see when life gives you lemons your suppose to make lemonade Right?... wrong or at least not here ... I can not because I have no water had to shut it off until who knows when because I have a leak under the cabinet floor under my kitchen sink or under the floor of the house . I do not know for sure how long it has been leaking but i just noticed it last week before the weekend and of course i tried to do a fix myself thinking it was nothing major like maybe the kids had just spilled something but then it became obvious that was not the case . I have had a fan on it but that is not helping so i know it is under the cabinet and is a leak in a pipe . probably one of the copper pipes ( i hate them ) .

my wood floors soaked ..the white powder is baking soda to keep the smell down .

I spent all day today calling plumbers and could not find one who could come out !!!! I called our insurance man and he said well you have done all you can lets put the claim in and let the adjuster figure something out if he can !! i AM READY TO GO FIND A HOTEL --- IF I HAD THE MONEY !!
I sent the girls to my Dad and Sharon's place and Justin and I are making do here ...we filled the tub with water before i shut it off and filled everything else we could find so we can wash our hands and all and as far as "potty time" well he is a boy ya know and we do live in the country time for the city boy to learn the country life

If something does not get done tomorrow I will have to take him somewhere to get a shower .... unless it rains then i can just give him a bar of soap and say head out back son yeah not he would freak out !!!

well on the other hand my Jaidan got her liver and is doing good had to have some blood today but other than that everything looks good .

Jaidan after her transplant surgery !!!!

YESSS I KNOW HE IS WATCHING OUT FOR ME TOO !!! I just get hit with soo much at once that when it builds up i get a lil tense and stressed but I am going to make it thru this too !!!!

Praise God and take time to stop and Breathe deeply !!!!!!!!


Octamom said...

Praying, praying here for your sweet grandbaby and her speedy recovery--she is such a little doll. SO thankful that her Heavenly Father is watching over her~


Darlene said...

she is not my grandbaby she is my friends baby girl !!! thanks for the prayers though !!!