Saturday, June 27, 2009

So many changes....

Life can change so fast this is what i keep hearing people say when talking about the fact of Farrah Fawcet dying to cancer and then Michael Jackson dying too and on the same day . I liked both but I just wish people would give Farrah the respect she deserves and not let Michael's passing overshadow her death.

On the homefront I have gotten the estimate for the repair work that has to be done in my kitchen and utility room. I have also talked to a couple of contractors that were recommended by the adjuster and the insurance agent . I will get theri estimates and I need to contact the BBB to make sure they have no complaints against them .

Jaidan took a turn for the worse due to a reaction from some of the meds it was kinda scarey for a while til the blood work came back . Now they are just having to change some of the meds and give her lots of lassik to get the swelling down.

Ok it is 4:38 and I am going to try to go get in bed and actually go to sleep !!!!

Good night or Good Morning however you want to look at it take care and have a great weekend and just try to stay cool !!!!!

Take time to Breathe Deeply !!! God Bless You !!!!!!


Kacee said...

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!! :)
oh the life of a dj's daughter! hahaha!!! all the kids at school used to think that was soo cool!! i just thought they were crazy!!
good luck with all the stuff with your wood floors! i know that can be such a hassle! my grammy found termite damage all over their first floor and had to rip out all the floors!! ahhh!!! it has been horrible for them!
have a great monday!! :)

Darlene said...

Thanks Kacee... the first contractor come and left then called back to ask ohhh and what kind of floors do you want ?? ** nervous now that he did not ask that while he was here**

Have a blessed week!!