Monday, May 11, 2009


Well I will be spending the next couple of weeks home alone, not sure how to act or what I will do . I know this coming sat will be the saddest day because it will be the one year annivesrsary of the death of my son not of my womb TREVOR DALE BURLING , hard to believe he has been gone a year when it still feels so much like it just happened. I truly loved him like he was mine and he always told me" Darlene you are the best mom i ever had " and he had a mom and was raised his whole life by her mom his Grandma. (long story there)

I guess I can work on some things around the house and do a lil organizing . I also have to meet with our CPA to discuss how we are going to pay the irs what we owe them ...i have been told they charge a really high interest rate ...scared of that one a little bit . I just did not keep up with things last year and now we are paying for it .... I just have not been keeping up with things until recently after Trevor's death . I was doing good just to keep from breaking down all the time ...I really wanted and still do at moments to just crawl into the bed and stay there . I know i can not do that though I must continue to live for my GOD , my husband and family and friends and for Trevor so that his memory will stay alive !!

I will also have time to stay up with the blogs i follow hehe !!



Brandi said...


I will be praying for you especially on Sat. I know it will be hard for you, but I also know your faith is strong and He will get you through.

Great picture of you and that little cutie!

God bless,

Darlene said...

thank you so much and without God i just know i would not have made it thru this past year ..because besides my son we have lost soo many in the family and close friends just tired of death!!