Wednesday, April 22, 2009

some special moments with my KaDee ..

just a few special memories from the past couple of weeks ...just been playing with my KaDee and trying to keep her busy while her Mommie studies . Krysta was accepted into the Surg Tech Program and that is a fab thing since they only take 12 into the program each year and her application was right on top when she called the lady to ask if she had gotten in. Jordan called the other day and she is going to be in the UIL ONE ACT next year ...sooo proud of her too !!! Justin is just a typical 12 year old still proud of him too ! Miss my Trevor soooo very very much and my precious husband is really missing him too !! it will be a year on May 16th ...can not believe it !!

Glad to be able to get out and about though and It is really helping me too since I have been so sick this year and finally I am feeling better and want to get out and do something.
God Bless all!....take time to BREATHE !!!!

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