Monday, March 16, 2009

Had a full but GREAT weekend ......

On Friday it was cold rainy dreary but I had a lot to do because two of my "kids not of my womb" were coming on Sat. for a visit. Krysta and I worked on the house cleaning chores. I tried to get in bed a lil early , fell asleep - slept about 2 hours - woke up and did not go back to sleep until Saturday nite or should i say Sunday morning was about 2am .
Saturday Dalton all came over and I cooked roast and all the trimmings for them . We had a great visit been a long time since we have all gotten together. After everyone had left we hd a late the possoum comes up on the porch to eat our cats food then just moesey's along it's way.
On Sunday I did not do too much was just too tired . Gearing up for this week now , it is Spring Break for Krysta and it is suppose to be warmer and no rain till Thursday.

Today is the 10mth mark for when Trevor was shot and killed , seems like yesterday still ... the pain is still intense !!!

I would also like to ask for anyone who reads this blog to please saay a prayer for my cousin Ronnie he had to be rushed back to the hospital for pnuemonia and for being septic ....the dr's say it does not look good at all. Also my great- aunt is very sick and not doing well.


i will post pics soon when i get a chance ...

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