Thursday, March 12, 2009

One of my addiction's ......

This was mine and my granddaughter's supper night before last and I just had to share it . To look at me people think I do nothing but sit around eating well up until about 3 months ago I hardly ate anything except on special occasions like Christmas . I just do not care to eat most of the time except for my grapefruit ...I can eat it and drink the juice all the time but I don't because it hurts my stomach to do that. So when I found out about three months ago that not eaating is just as bad as eating all the metabolism is almost non-existent. I started going to a "workout spot" because I knew I needed more exercise ...where I live I have lots of people burning outside ...and that just causes me to not be able to breathe. I truly hate it too but if anything plastic or metal is being burned in their trash barrels it really bothers me .

Anyway now I try to have little meals through out the day and get more exercise. The fruit plate above is just an example and my punkin loves to eat whatever GranDee eats .... I have made a point and so has her mom from the beginning to give her bites of everything and now she will eat almost anything . My punkin will eat green onion just as quick as a cookie .

I need to learn now some meal plans for someone who may have alzhiemer's ... I have heard certain foods can help with slowing down the digression of someone with this disease. I have to do some research into this but at the same time I am praying the results will show that it is something less horrible .

I am going to try to go to bed now .... This is another problem I'm having my nights and days are reversed and I'm not sleeping but a few hours at a time sometimes only hour and half at a time.

Goodnight or Good morning however you want to look at it ... it's 4:41 am....
Take time to breathe!!! God Bless !!!!


Brandi said...

That looks yummy!

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Thank you for posting the button for Wild Olive tees. You have been entered in our giveaway!

And that does look very yummy! :)