Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So this is what i have been working on lately....

I have really been busy with these sewing projects for my Punkin KaDee ....I have made the quilt, sheet blanket and pillow case in the Christmas Veggie Tales...then had to make a shirt to match ...I do have some finishing touches to do for it though. The fall design is also a pillow case and sheet blanket....I am going to make a shirt to match it as well. Oh yess there will be matching bows of course...hehe Her Mommie can not stand all my frufru { is that how you spell that i really am not sure?!?!?!} . I use to dress my dear daughter up this way too ....maybe that is why she does not like it ...i don't know but KaDee likes dressing up so i am going to do it as long as she lets me....They grow up so fast !!!

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