Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well my precious lil grandbaby turned 2 at 8:29 am today Oct. 4....I got this pic of her at the exact time as she was watching her sat. morning tunes and drinking her chocolate milk and eating her cereal .

I am so sad she is growing up so quickly but then i can still remember like it was yesterday her mommie being that same age. i can not believe life is rolling along so fast ....Some days i am so ready to just throw my hands up and say ok Lord i'm ready to just go to Heaven and then there are days like today when i want life to go slower so i can enjoy these moments longer.

This was a great little party with just her Great Great Granny...Great Aunt Sue and Uncle Ray ....Pappa Doyal & Grammy Sharon .... Mommie & Me . Next weekend is the bigg party with ll her lil cousins and friends and other family. It is going to be at a Pump It Up. Her Mommie has planned a wonderful time for her and today was for her Granny mostly because we knew she would not want to go to the Pump it Up party...after all last month she turned 88 ..whoa can not believe that one .

Hope you enjoyed the pics and may they give you a moment to reflect on a happy moment in your life and take that moment to Breathe Deeply !!!!!


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