Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cool days , Leaves falling and im busy sewing ....

This is just one of several things i have been working on KaDee needed new fall stuff so I have been reteaching myself all the sewing stuff i use to know .....yayy it is all coming back to me now ....well most of it
I am having so much fun and when i show what i have made to my punkin she gets so excited. We are also planning for Punkin's #2 birthday Oct 4th. W will be having a lil party at home on that day but her bigg party is not until the next weekend when all her family and friends will be here to celebrate with her. I can not believe she is growing up so fast .

I must take time to breathe deeply and pray you do too .....God Bless!!!!


Brandi said...

I LOVE her shirt. Is that embrodery or fabric paint on the back? She is just a doll.

Wish her a happy 2nd birthday!!!

Darlene said...

it is a paint pen actually ...i wish i would have used fabric paint instead of the paint pen but oh well working on a fall one and a Christmas Veggie Tales one to go with her new Veggie Tales blankie , quilt and pillow case . i will post pics as soon as i get them finished. thanks for the birthday wishes too. !!!