Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mom come to town ......WHAT A TREAT !!!!

We had a wonderful visit with my mom this past weekend ..... she had to come for a visit because it had been 3 weeks since she had seen her KaDee..hehehe!!!! It was sad though this was the first time we had been to the zoo since mom and my niece and nephew had come down back in the spring for there spring break and Trevor went to the zoo with us....I was doing good til I got to the place where we took a lot of pics and where Trevor convinced me to let him take my picture ...he was so stoked he finally had got his hands on my camera ...I got pretty teary and so did Krysta ....I think my mom got upset but she just talked faster {{ this is what she does when she gets a lil upset or nervous about something}}......KaDee was happy she got to get an aldigator aka alligator ...stuffed of course!!!! My lil punkin loves alligators not really sure why ?!?!?!!!! It was a nice day at the zoo to see the ALLIGATORS and all the other animals !!!!!

I got more mail today for Trevor he is getting college information , i guess since he would have been a junior this year and he had used our address for something so now we are getting stuff from different colleges and scholarship / loan organizations. I miss him !!!!

KaDee was cheesin for the her new hairbow, shirt and jeans!!lol
we are having afun this week been learning more of the A,B,C'S & 1,2,3'S...HOPE YOU HAVE A REALLY GREAT WEEK ....BE BLESSED !!!!!

Take time to breathe deeply!!!!


Brandi said...

What zoo? We just love zoos!!! KaDee is so cute! Love the hair bow.

Prayers still being sent up for you and your family!

Darlene said...

Thanks Brandi, the zoo is in tyler , tx it is called Caldwell Zoo...I have been making bows and today i made KaDee a sheet blankie and mathching pillow case it is Christmas VeggieTales fabric soo cute ...I hve a quilt almost finisehed too...hehe . I think the fall air has my crative juices flowing and it helps keep my mind off things !!! love the punkin patch....we are taking KaDee to one in a couple weeks it is at KADEE TREE FARM , hehe yes that is why we are taking her there ...i want a pic of her in fromt of the sign .
take care!!!