Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kadee's new threads...and an extra suprise!!!!

How cute is my Punkin Munchkin? this is one of her new outfits her mom got her for her birthday...hehehe i took this pic before we had taken the tags off of it
she is loving dressing up in the new outfits but today her mom broke down and gave her a gift she was gonna save for the party this weekend . She could not wait any longer and KaDee loved it ...she was so excited she could not decide which side to play with first

she played for hours until I finally had to carry her off to bed....I have a feeling that when she wakes up it will start all over again

God bless and be sure and take the time to breathe deeply!!!!


ashpags said...

Wow! What an awesome Disney Princess play set! =)

Darlene said...

yess her mom did good in getting that must come by and play with her sometimes.... ;0) she really loves it if you know how to read ...hehehe