Monday, March 10, 2008

No Jury Duty

I WAS SUPPOSE TO HAVE JURY DUTY TODAY !!!!!!!! I called and it was cancelled YAYYYYY ... Don't get me wrong it is not that i do not want to do my duty and all that but it is a hard time right now with Krys in school and no one else to take care of KaDee....If they would have waited til she was out it would not have been a problem. oh well i do not have to worry about it now !!!! I did have a nice weekend after the snow ....i am just really tired now though. I am so badd i forgot my nephews pagent on Sunday afternoon. the time change and the busy week last week and then the snow and shopping for David ... really had me tired and off track . I am sure they looked very handsome and too too too cute !!!! Be blessed in all you do !!!!!!!!

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