Friday, March 7, 2008

East Texas Snow Day !!

Well we had a big snow day here today. My Daughter woke my husband and I up to giggles and screams of "LOOK OUTSIDE!!" We got up and was outside in minutes....It is a rare day in EAST TEXAS .....we do have snow days just very few and far apart. It turned out to be a big day, unfortunately it did not last long enough ......!!!! The greatest thing is i got to finally make some DEER chilli YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT !!! I love the cold and snow sooo much ,especially when I have a bigg bowl of chilli and / or a bigg cup of hot cocoa.

I am glad this did not hit while KaDee & I was in La. for my aunt's funeral.....the funeral was so nice if one can be nice that is. It was a beautiful homegoing celebration for my aunt Irene Parker.
I will miss her but i know she is with the family that has already gone home to Heaven.
Blessings to all who stop by here......Have a great day and may you allow God to give you a snow day in your heart. It can wash away the cares of the day and refresh you and give you a new outlook if you let it. TAKE TIME TO STOP, HOLD YOUR HEAD BACK, OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE AND CATCH A FEW SNOWFLAKES.......IT 'S GREAT!!!

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