Thursday, February 10, 2011

It is coming ...Valentine's Day!!

I have been trying to decide what I was going to get my sweetheart for Valentine's Day and for his birthday which is on the 12th.... Well life happened and it was decided for me. He is getting a new air tank as his got a crack in it ( not a good thing) {not cheap$$$} He is having it put on now! Oh well looks like he gets a lil kiss and a hug and a key lime pie !! hehe at least we will be together **fingers crossed**

May your day be blessed with a love here on earth as in Heaven !!!!

Thank you Lord for your many wonderful blessing in my life our life !!!!
You are worthy of all my PRAISE !!!!

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Brandi said...

Frank and I gave up giving V-day gifts years ago! We love each other every day so why should that day be any different! And this year it was spent apart, as usual, due to his job! Oh well! He will be home tomorrow!

Glad to see you back posting! I have missed you my friend!!!

God Bless!