Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sad week...

Krysta & her PapaDoyalie on PawPaw Stevens "nappin couch" one last time ( in this house anyways)

Unca G'Don & Uncle Ray loading the "nappin couch" up !

This is the old oak tree that has grown and watched over Paw Paw & Granny's home for 46+ years!

My Granny sitting " Watching the front for the last time " !

This has truly been a sad week ...My 89 yr old Granny is moving out of her home. SHe has lived in this place for 46+ years. I held up really good this week packing and moving things out until tonight on my way home I lost it and cried and cried . I called my Mom and first thing out of my mouth is " My Granny has left her home for good now!" My heart is breaking and with all that has been going on with David's mom ( yes she is still in the hospital slow road to well ) and all the other sickness and death and taxes that has been happening my emotions are just raw.

I also talked with my uncle about my tax drama and he has convinced me that i can do my taxes myself and even do an ammended tax for '08 his words"how much worse could you do than what that cpa did to you ?" hummm I think I can do better since I can claim things that she never told me i could !!

David is really getting tired and is needing to come home for a few days even though he was off for a while there with his Mom ...he has been gone since the weekend after Christmas ! I am missing him so much and so is his " lil shadow" ! SO ready for the day when his truck is paid off and he can get a job so he can be home more !!

My heartfelt prayer is that everyone in the world will have PEACE IN THEIR HEARTS, MINDS AND SOULS TONIGHT !!
God Bless and take time to "Have a lil talk with Jesus" !

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Brandi said...

Hi Darlene,

I am just now catching up on all my blogs since the wreck last week. We are healing! Yeah! Thank you so much for your note and your prayers.

You, my friend, are always on my prayer list. The more we lift each other up to God the better I always say!!

I know you are having some rough times. You will get through!

Blessings and prayers for you,