Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello again...

Well hello again Blogger world I have finally had a moment to be able to get back on here. This past few months has been some tough times for my home and my family, everything from a wreck in the big truck to the water damage and remodel of the kitchen to fix it all. sickness, storms knocking down huge tree branches . We have gone thru all that plus David was off work for nearly two weeks with his truck being down that was a really bigg setback. We have gotten so far behind in all our bills and everything but PRAISE BE TO OUR GOD ALMIGHTY FOR HIS LOVE AND CARE OF US!!!! We are finally just one bill away from being caught up Once I get this last bill caught up we wont be months behind . THe next bigg task will be figuring how to pay off the IRS for last yrs taxes ... we owe $$$ because I was just so out of it last year and just did not keep up with anything after Trevor was killed , if I had I would have realized we needed to pay some along . now we have to set up payments and from what I have heard the government charges outragous late fees and interest fees. I am praying for God to help me figure out how to pay this so we do not get charged the outrageous fees.

I have learned thru all this that my love for God and my trust in Him just gets stronger and stronger everyday . During all of this stress of being behind on bills and David did was waiting on his truck to get fixed and miles had been low anyways ... David and I had a big fight ..course that was just the devil trying to take our marriage down ... the devil is a liar and he did not win and won't ever when because our God is King of Kings and we have the power of His blood !!!
We have talked and prayed and laughed and I believe everytime the devil tries to bring us down in the end it just makes our bond stronger !

I am seeing and hearing from family and friends and on the news of marital strife ... sickness ... stress .. kids in trouble for various reasons.. I know a lot of this is caused from the financial problems of the world and the devil is using it to cause even more problems ... he is creeping into christian homes and families ... but he won't win ... he has lost already and he knows it ... God is sending His son one day soon to gather up the believers and take them all home to be with Him .. I along with all the rest of the believers have just got to hold on and keep on fighting the fight because the when we cross that finish line the best prize awaits ... we will get to cross thru the pearly gates to live with our King forever and ever. AMEN

Prayers must keep going up to Heaven until Jesus comes!!!! we must take time to stop and breathe deeply and focus our lives so they line up with what God wants for us ! we have His word to guide us and help us along the way but we must also make sure to listen to Him and let Him guide us !!!!!


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