Saturday, August 15, 2009

I am finally back!

A Donut cloud ... God's amazing and makes me smile out of the blue with clouds's like this !!!!

I feel like I have been gone for so long .... My life has been turned inside out and upside down for a couple of month's now. My kitchen renovation from the water damage has finally been finished . Praise God .... with that going on and having the kids here and having to move them over to my Dad's ( the girls at least) because we did not want KaDee here with all the breathing and allergy problems she has had... and then during all that David hit the metal box and cut his fuel line a few weeks back and we had some tree limbs fall and yank our power lines down... we have been fighting millipeeds by the thousands everywhere inside and out... David's loads have been slow so slow in fact that several have quit the company he works for... David put his truck in the shop on monday August 3rd to get a PM and Overhead done and get a bracket fixed he also needed them to check out to see what was wrong with his transmission ...He finally got his truck back thurs nite, Aug.13th ... yes that is over a week and a half with no pay .... Praise God the owner of the company is a compassionate man and likes David he gave us an emergency loan to help us til he gets rolling and making money again it wont pay all the bills but it helps a lil and at least Child support won't get behind ... the stress levels have been so bad with everyone and this past week the devil really tried to end this marriage and this family union .... but he is a LIAR AND WE KNOW HE WANTS US TO THINK WE ARE PAUPERS ... but we are not we are CHILDREN OF THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE KING OF KINGS !!! My God reigns in glory forever more !! AMEN

Take Time to stop and Breathe Deeply ..IN GOD WE TRUST !!!!

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