Friday, July 10, 2009


OCTAMOM (c): We The People...Should Have a Giveaway!

OCTAMOM (c): We The People...Should Have a Giveaway!: " ."

Below is a little section of the blog entry from OCTAMOM's site announcing the winner ....
{{Many thanks to all of you who entered. You were enthusiastic, you were hopeful. And in the end.....drumroll please.....the winner, according to is....

DARLENE of My Soulmate is a Trucker!

Congrats, congrats Darlene! Email me at and I'll get you in touch with Mr. Gale so he can get your book on the way to you!

And you gotta appreciate Darlene for this...she commented, she tweeted, she my-spaced and fb'd. The girl was serious, serious, I tell you. And yes, I just used my-spaced and fb'd as verbs. And I didn't even feel the need to capitalize them.}}

I just love that I won. I can not wait now to get the book and read it ! I of course will be posting a pic of the book when I get it

well now that I have heard that news I guess I am going to go to bed since I have been on this computer for a while trying to figure out how to delete a twitter account when you do not know the password or the exact email account it was set up with or the password for that yahoo email account...arrrghhhhh . My step son set up the email and then I had set up his twitter back in dec using the email account .. I did not save any of the passwords or email because i knew he would not be using them . now i can not delete the twitter acc to set up one with a real email and password that he and I can remember hehe.. such a mess !!!!

Have a Blessed Friday everyone and
Take time to stop and Breathe Deeply !!!!


Brandi said...

Hey Congrats girl!!!!

Let me know if I need to get the book for Katie!

Have a great weekend!

Darlene said...

okay i sure will when i get it ..i just "to cited"( as KaDee would say ) lol have a great weekend !!!