Thursday, May 21, 2009

The time has come ....

My girls are coming home today ... I should be in bed getting some sleep( it is 3:30am) but I can not sleep so I decided it was update time. Yesterday the 20th was the one year mark of the memorial service for Trevor. I miss him so much but I am making it one day at a time with God's help. I got a call that my cousins wife's mom has been given two days to live . The young girl graduated with my daughter and her Mom was diagnosed with cancer . Thought she had it whipped but it came back and now everything is starting to shut down inside her . Praying for that whole family during this tough time !

I miss my husband ... talked to him before he went to bed in IOWA... He is going to try to stay out til june when we have to go for his child support review . that will be the only way we can afford to do it ! I work really hard to manage our money so that the bills get paid and we have grocery's and gas money. It is hard and last year i really let things go and did not keep up with things the right way . I am back on track now thanks to my God helping me .

Speaking of my God this past sat i was driving and crying because of missing Trevor and He kept speaking to me thru songs on the radio ... also hearing someone talk about Job and what he went thru . The main song i heard was "Praise in this Storm" .

This has become my life song this past year .... I know He is there and no matter what is done or what people say He IS AWESOME AND I PRAISE HIM FOR EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE !!!! MY GOD REIGNS !!!!!

Take time to breathe !!!!!


Brandi said...

I can not even begin to imagine what you have been through, but I do know you have a very strong faith and that in itself makes you very strong.

God is great and He is with you all the time. As are my prayers. I think of you often and every time I do I send up a prayer for you and your family.

I can't imagine my hubby being gone so long! A week at a time and I think I am suffering!

My prayers for you always,


Darlene said...

thanks so much ! my prayers are with you and that sweet lil baby girl ....stay safe and have a great memorial day weekend . My hubby called earlier and he is going to be coming thru with a load so i get to see him this weekend WOOHOOO!!!