Thursday, August 28, 2008

life here....

I am feeling better health wise that is...emotionally it has been a rough week...I WANT MY SON BACK!!!!! yes i know he was not my flesh and blood but for 8 years he was a part of my life and in that time he managed to carve a much bigger chunk out of my heart than i even realized until he was gone....i love him so much and this week there has been some really bad moments of such deep depression ...on top of that my friend's baby Jaidan the cutie on my page in children's hospital fighting for her life. The doctors and donor reps and anyone else who is involved will be having a meeting on thursday to decide if she is a candidate for a liver transplant . her mommy is having a hard time one moment she is fighting for her baby's life the next she realizes without a miracle ...someone's baby has to die in order for her baby to live....she is leaning on God as much as humanly possible but there again ,she is only human. PLEASE say a prayer for them !!
Today I was online chatting with a family member and found out she had a miscarriage...sooo sad and she was bout 12 1/2weeks.
Now we are having to watch the weather for reports on at the three year anniversary of HURRICANE KATRINA....Just what this country does not need is another disaster like that . With the cost of gas up and don't get me started on the cost of disel ...being the wife of a trucker I can tell you it is crazy ....and people wonder why the cost of a loaf of bread has gone from $.50 to $1.50 if your lucky .......Trucker's are not to blame it is whomever "REALLY" regulates the price of the fuel/gas . of course now that reports of Gustav coming to the gulf are going round then that means the off shore rigs and refinery's will prepare to shut down ....which means the cost per gallon will go UP!!!

ok i must move on .......[[reminder to myself to put my soapbox away]]

My KaDee started "school" this since her Mommie started back to college this week i decided to let her start to "school". So we have color time and ABC time and more color time and we watch educational videos VEGGIE TALES...WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE VEGGIE TAILS !!!!!



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ashpags said...

I'm sorry to hear that it has been a rough week! I will keep your family and Jaidan's in my prayers!