Monday, August 11, 2008


I RECIEVED THIS EMAIL FROM MY stepSister Mandy ......please pray for this lil boy and his family. thank you GOD Bless you !!!

Date: Sunday, August 10, 2008, 8:36 PM

Mason Dulaney

Mason is the 2 or 3 year old son of Justin and Amanda "Taylor" Dulaney some good friends of mine from Olla, La. Little Mason had a seizure the other day and they can not find out what caused him to have it. He is the Grandson of Donald "Fruit" and Kim Taylor. Their are taking him this coming week, not sure what day to have some test run on him, and I think an MRI done to see if they can find out what caused him to have the seizure. We are all hoping and praying they find nothing. So please pray for Mason, his family and friends also. Please keep this going as a prayer chain. Please E-mail, Text, Call, Myspace & add Mason to your churches prayer list.

As all of you know, there has been a bunch going the last couple of weeks, in our small town and parish with deaths and sickness. Please put it all in God's hands. He is a Awesome God. He listens to each and everyone of our prayers. God has a reason for everything, even though we may not understand them. Please keep your faith, put your trust in the Lord, and last but no means least believe in the good Lord above. I myself believe God is trying to give us all a wake call, for us to start living our lives better, and believing and trusting in him more.

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ashpags said...

Hey Darlene - thanks for stopping by! I hope that you find some coleus sometime this summer that you like well enough to buy; they are so pretty! =)

I will pray for Mason, his parents, and his doctors, that they can figure out what is wrong with him. One of my little cousins had seizures, and though they could never figure out exactly what was causing them, they eventually went away on their own. I pray the same for Mason!