Saturday, August 9, 2008


Everything was so great .....I really loved the lil boy who survived the earthquake in May and even managed to save couple of his friends ....he then gets the honor of walking in with the athletes from China ....such an experience.

the beauty of the opening was so awe inspiring......the harmonious unity of all the many hundreds of dancers and masters was wonderful. i loved the drums ...2000 playing at the same time cool was that?!?!

the house is soo quite is a little over a week til my Trucker and i celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary....hard to beleive ....seems like just yesterday i met him and fell head over heels in love with his big ol' blue eyed teddybear self...
I love him soooo much.

We will be at the Parker reunion next weekend so we are going to try to steal away for a lil celebrating by ourselves!!! I am so ready for some one on one time with my teddybear.

well i must get thru this week all alone in order to get to my weekend sooo ...i need to make a list of what all i need to work on to keep busy...clean mini blinds [] sweep & mop entire house[] organize hall linen closet[] rearrange our bedroom [] sort closets [] do not forget to go p/u K's pics []do laundry [] pack for weekend trip ............... wheewwwww wore myself out making list ...need to go to bed and take a nap now and work out the list . hahhahaaaaheheheheeee


Brandi said...

I just ried and cried when they were telling about the little boy. Katie and I thought how neat that Yao Ming is the supper star, yet that tiny little boy that was a third of his height stole the show by just walking next to him and having his story told.

I don't think I have ever missed an opening or a closing ceremonies, but it will be a very long time before there is one that even compares to that one. Just think, China is so technologically advanced and so much of the ceremony was done with people. Just so cool.

What do you think they will do for an encour for the closing ceremonies?

Darlene said...

ohhh iknow ....i told my hubby this was sooooo amazing over 15 thousand to put on this show beautiful but that little boy stole the show for sure.....and i do not know how they will top this but i cannot wait to seee!!!1