Monday, July 14, 2008


Let me see how do i begin our journey's tale...My granddaughter is going to be 2 in oct. I started trying the potty last fall while her mom was still in college. Let me just give you little heads up .....don't try to start potty training during fl.u and stomach virus season, badd choice on my part.
So i had to give it up for a while ...finally everyone was well tried again was going fairly but then sickness hit again in everyone including my poor lil Punkin.
Got everyone well and then that is when Trevor was killed. Needless to say i ws not in the mood and My Punkin was sensing everyone's stress and sadness so again we went back to diapers and gaave up on potty training. so now here we are again , Lord help me!!!
I had Krysta buy Punkin some of the thick cotton training undies....of course she has all the cute lil cotton princess and tinker bell and colorful lil panties....but i wanted to have a lil help the thicker ones will hold a lil bit of peepee before it getting all over everything but yet they will still feel it...we have only had a few accidents and that was simply because she was playing and waiting to long or she was eating and did not want to go potty. We have been hard at it for litlle over a week now and she is doing really good she wants to go potty before she goes to bed and as soon as she gets up . She does not like when it runs down her legs she tries to run baack away from it cute !! She also hates to poop in her panties does not like the feel of it i think. so she will let you know " POTTY POOOO POTTY POOOO ...."
When i was potty training Punkin's Momma aka Krysta...she was potty trained right around one, but we did not have all the sickness going round or the tragedies like we have had besides Trevor we also lost our Aunt Irene and had the one year anniversary of Aunt Elsie's death on top of everything else.

oh well we are going good and Lord willing and the creek don't rise ....we will get it done this time. trick to share with you....Let your child brush their teeth while sitting on their potty ...Kadee will brush her teeth or read a book while sitting on her potty ...this has really helped to keep her on it till she was all the way done.!!!!!!!!



Brandi said...

It sounds like she is doing very well. We started training my Mattie May, well really she started training herself, right around her second birthday. Don't really know what happened, but she does not like the potty!!! We have decided to let her make her own way, but this diaper business is a pain.

Good luck to you and Kadee (I love that spelling!).

BTW, where did you find the training pants? Have looked everywhere with no luck!

Darlene said...

thank you ...she is doing good ! krysta found them at walmart hve to just keep looking they dont get many of them in at the ones around here .Try the teeth brushing idea with Mattie or with Kadee sometimes she wants a drink while sitting there spoiled but hey we say whatever works !! by the way the spelling is a combo of my daughters name her name is krysta darlene . KaDee is an expanse of those initials.

good luck with Mattie May !!!