Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How is your day ???

Hello from HOT ....CLOUDY....MUGGY ...OCCASIONALLY SUNNY ...EAST TEXAS!!!!!!!! It rains and the winds blow and ooohhhhh it it is nice but then the winds stop the sun comes out and that is when it becomes NASTY ! I worry about my husband and dad both are truckers who have to get out and load , strap or unstrap , unloaad in this weather. My daughter Krysta has to drive back and forth to college {bout an hour away }four days a week right now she is in a summer two session for A&P2 {{{FYI..going to be an RN / then eventually an OB/GYN}}} she has no air in her car and she does not complain much ...I am so proud of her i see how some other kids her age are going thru life still not even really trying. Some are just put to have good time....they work any job they can get, live off parents or grandparents sad!!!! However my Krysta is working hard to make a life for her and KaDee ....Im so proud of her !!!!!
Ok back to the weather ....the forcast for the rest of the week is clling for no more rain and just HOT HOT HOT! OH WELL THAT IS WHY IT IS CALLED SUMMER !!!!

I am thinking im going to go buy one ofthose little pools that you blow up and it is like 10 or 12 feet long and two ft deep rectangle shape {{{ had one a few years back}}} it is nice for just jumping in and laying out to cool off . I am not into going to the lake near here ....apparently there is a 16+ft gator in a pond that feeds into the lake. According to the news they have someone trying to catch it and relocate it, until then i am not going to the lake. If that story was not scarey enough there is apparently a boa app 6feet loose ...some people woke up and it was in their mattress , never did get how it got there , they called out the police and animal control ...stepped outside came back in and it was gone ....Get this the people said they were not leaving their home even though they had not found it ..... HELLO CAN WE SAY CRAZY !!!!

{{{{{{______UPDATE ON KaDee AND HER POTTY TRAINING _____}}}}}}

She is doing good so far only 3 accidents this week , but she has learned that if she says "potty" she can get out of going to bed or picking up toys or get out of !! I picked up on this really quick . She and I have been working on her spanish and ABC'S AND colors....she loves it cause she thinks she is doing homework like her mommy !! **BRAGGING MOMENT ** she can say CINNAMON !I know some adults who can not say it , hehe

ok I must go do some surfing got to find some ideas for a luau family reunion coming up.God bless you all!!!!


Brandi said...

Hey Darlene! Next time it starts to rain, please send it west! We don't get to see much of it this time of year in west Texas!!!!!

My MIL used to live in Center - we usually visited in the fall and winter. To humid any other time!

Darlene said...

Ok i will do that .....i use to live in Louisiana it was sooooo humid down there ....!!!111