Saturday, September 10, 2011

Getting ready for Winter...

Well it is that time of the year to start really thinking about the winter season. Today I went grocery shopping for what I am going to need over the next few days as my Mom and I get to cooking . My sweet Mom is here for a about a week to hang out with her great grandbaby ( my punkin munchkin ). While she is here I figured why not get her to help me with doing some cooking to get the freezers filled up .... I asked and she said YES!! lol I knew she would !

We are going to make soup, chili, bell pepper casserole, meatloaf's , I can not wait to get our cook on !!
I will try to get pics and post them but my Mom is very camera shy if she thinks it may end up on the internet.

One thing we are trying thanks to a tip from my caterer cousin Carmen is to use a roast instead of stew meat and just cut it up myself ... much cheaper and I get a better quality meat .

Well I am going to get to bed because we are cooking the soup tomorrow and it will be an all day slow cooking affair.

Have a blessed evening and may God bless you !!

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