Thursday, August 25, 2011

Could it be so ??? I may have found the right Biz for me !!

       I have been checking into some different online work so that I can still run the shop for my Dad and homeschooling my granddaughter , a long process but I may have found the right deal for me. I found out today I may even be able to get a business degree online while building my online business. I am really excited and praying it will all come together soon so I can get to bringing in some $$. I really need to see a dentist and get some glasses as well as get a female complete checkup . I would like to be able to get a new Bike and new clothes of course. Praying for some good results tomorrow !

On the Homeschooling front things are going good  but I think my lil Punkin may be getting sick. She has not been feeling good but then neither have I . I really believe it could be this crazy Texas weather ... HOTT one minute and then Raining causing the temps to drop to 77 in less than an hour ! Her Mommy found out today that she did get enrolled into the Homeschool Zoo class group. She is starting to not like the idea now but she needs that interaction with other kids.  Looking into some other groups for her as well .

My Trucker man is working to get home by Sunday so he can be with his Dad on Monday b/c He is having surgery. Nothing real major other than just the fact that it is surgery and anytime you are put under there is a slight risk there . Praying for a a peaceful safe surgery for him. !!!!!!

My Aunt that had to have surgery on her neck is still dealing with infections can not seem to get over them gets rid of one and gets another .... she is feeling like she is in a prison b/c she can not go or do anything and has to wear her neck brace all the time .

Bait shop Business is slow but it will pick up as soon as it gets a little bit cooler... here in Texas that will be in December maybe !!
This would be so nice right now !! of course it would melt  FAST !

Oh well It will get here soon and then we will be complaining about that . I know we really need rain to fill the ponds and lakes back up badly right now . I am trusting God to just watch over all of us and keep us safe !!

God Bless You and God Bless this planet we call Earth !!!!


Brandi said...

I'm curious about the online business your are going into. I have been looking for something to do in the evenings just to bring in a little more cash around here. Let me know when you get started in it. I would like to know how it goes.

Praying for rain all over our state! I am so afraid we are all going to burn up! Although we did get about a 1/2" tonight which was really refreshing!!

God Bless!

Darlene said...

I will let you know I am just getting into it . I am actually going to go to an online university to get a bachelors degree so i can do better with it .

These fires are getting crazy ... I have been so busy I have not even been able to get onto my blog .

Be safe and Prepare for rain !!!!! God Bless !!