Thursday, July 2, 2009

happy 4th of july !!

Today starts the holiday weekend for some ... David will be coming home today and we will begin our fun early in the morning . We are taking the kids to Dallas to the wax musuem & Ripleys ... we did not have a lot of options since David is going to have to leave back out on sunday . They are all excited about going though ... saw online they have a wax figure of Oprah and you can sit in a chair next to her to take pictures ...can not wait to take a picture of Oprah with each of the kids like they are being esp. KaDee !!!!!

Then on saturday we will probably grill something before going to the lake to see the fireworks display ... we have been hearing it is going to be the best one ever !!! Last years was the best so far I thought !!

I pray everyone has a safe and Blessed time this weekend with family or friends . Do not forget to take time to include God in all your plans !

Take time to breathe deeply!!

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