Monday, March 2, 2009


Jaidan is the cutie on the right of my blog page...she is the baby girl of my dear friend Jaime and was born with a disease that makes it a priority to have a liver transplant in order for her to survive a somewhat normal life. On Monday she will have to go to Dallas to have a sonogram on her tummy it is very bloated and swelled and they need to check how much fluid is there. she is now on the top of the transplant list but no donor has become available as of yet . It is truly hard to pray for her to get her liver because for that to happen another family is losing their baby. I just have to pray for God's will He knows our future we don't and so we must put our trust in Him . She is a fighter because she has made it this far and God has used her to reach people and i feel He is not done with her yet and therefore has much more for her to do here on Earth.

God Bless and remember to take time to breathe deeply!!!!!

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