Monday, February 16, 2009

A special weekend....

This weekend my husband and I had a special getaway to celebrate his birthday { it was the 12th} and to celebrate Valentine's Day, it was wonderful. I reserved a room at a new hotel in a town about an hour from here, with him on the road all the time i knew we did have time to go too far. We had a gorgeous suite with luxurious bed and huge jacuzzi tub { it was big enough for three or four people } , also a nice 42"in flat hd tv. We went to trades days early and had fun just walking around and looking at all the goodies. We shared a lemonade and we each had a corn dog ...something about "carny food"

This weekend was part of our process of keeping our marriage "Fireproofed" in case you have not seen the movie ... go get it and watch it .... it is great !!!! This movie really can put you and your partners relationship in the right light if your really watch and listen to the story being shared. A little behind the scenes story i learned in the movie when you see Kirk Cameron kiss his wife it is his real wife in reaal life... he and his wife have such a commitment that she actually was the stand in lips for that shot sweet is that !!

Well now I am back home and my soulmate is back out on the road and working hard to provide for his family. I have to get back to the swing of things, this weekend has refreshed us and now we can tackle the day to day grind in a better less stressful way.


Take time to Breathe !!!!


John and Perla said...

Just saw the movie tonight. We are still wiping away the tears.

I wanted to check out some blogs of people with the same interests. You've got a nice one going here.

We'll be back.

Darlene said...

Thanks for stopping by... we loved the movie soo much ourselves!!!