Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hello again....

My kids on tuesday hiking a nature trail near a park we had gone to...enjoying the sunshine!!!!!

Well it feels like I have been gone forever .... with the holidays and all the sickness that has happened around here including myself it has been a lovely couple of months....I had an infection to start in my eyes and spread thru out my body...It was very bad.

so much has happened with me and my family and with the world while i was away ...I am not going to try and post about the past weeks ... I am just going to try to go on from today ... God Bless and I will update as often as i can ...hopefully I will get a computer of my own again soon.

God Bless !!!!!

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Brandi said...

I have missed you Darlene. Sorry to hear about you being sick. Hope all is well.