Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Back finally .....

Well between Gustav and Ike it has been some craziness around here ....I have had a hard time getting to get online ....i have been using my new Instinct phone to check mail and log onto my myspace occasionally , but it will not allow me to mobile blog on here for some reason .....bites!!!

We did not sustain a lot of damage from IKE in fact we did not loose power but a lot of my family and friends have lost power and had trees fall thru their roofs.

We did have a nice day and David and I carried our lil Punkin to the park , had a great time !!!

This past sunday was party day for my niece Makenzie she is turned 2. She is just 3 weeks older than our Punkin. Yessss that means my Punkin is turning 2 in three weeks . I can not believe it , she is growing up too fast .

this is Arianna daughter of another niece Kerry who is sister to Makenzie's Mom Kristy, she is such a cutie with her blue eyes.

Yesterday was the 4 month mark of our Trevor's death. I have really started to dream about him a lot the past few nights, I had kinda stopped for a while and now the dreams are back and i'm not sure why.

I am going to get ready for my Mom's visit ......she will be here Thursday.

take care and God Bless !!!!

Take time to Breathe !!!!!


Brandi said...

Glad all is well after the storm. We still have relatives without power in Houston, but no major damage. Nothing that can not be replaced.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

Darlene said...

thanks so much, no one i know lost their lives that is the most important thing....i read today that the officials think that some of the missing may have been washed out to sea ...soo sad !!! I wonder bout the homeless there is no way to know how many were down there and how many were lost ...that is truly sad .

Glad to know you did not loose anyone!!!