Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This past weekend was a long one indeed but wonderfully blessed!
Thursday night {8-14-08},
David got home around 6:30..we ate finished packing and got to bed .

Friday {8-15-08}
David had to fix Bear's{one of our dog's} house so he would not have to be in the rain since he had broke it again, he has one of the igloo style that snaps together well David screwed it now i dont think Bear can get it apart.He put out food and water for him and Chester {other dog} and Jerry {our cat} . I took care of Fancy { our bird}. [[ my Dad was in charge of coming by sat to take care of them]]
We were now ready to head to LA. for the reunion and to pick up the girls {

We get about 45 minutes down the road and we decide we are really hungry and can not wait til we get to my sister's house!! so we just decide to hit one of the fast food drive ins ...wooohooo. We get to the hotel and first thing have to take pics of each other in front of the big windows with the Mississippi River behind us ...lol ! We adjust the thermostat {{ turn it wayyyyy down}} we like it cold when we sleep!
We then head over to my sisters she was cooking supper for us, and i needed to see my Punkin again ...I have been missing her !!! {{ you too Pookie}}.
We enjoyed our lil visit but left kinda early to get back to the room needed to get some rest after the long day and another long day ahead of us on Sat{8-16-08}{{Sat was 3months since our Trevor has been gone and it still hurts so bad!}}....
Back at the hotel first thing on my to do list ....Fill tub with hot water and in I went ...nice longggg soak!!!! SOOOO NICE !!!!!

wake up call at 7 am ....Down to the resturant for some breakfast (( grits and biscuits with gravy southern food gotta love it !!!!))
We got to my sister's and got busy helping get the final prep work done ...lots to do for a Parker get together !! It was great day filled with huge hugs ...loads of laughter ....tons of talk....a food feast for days....some tears when i was asked about how we were doing since Our Trevor's death . There was lots of talking and catching up and eating and changing of recipes and latest news . I think i heard someone say the next one should be "Fifty's theme" ...hehe
I guess the whole Luau theme thing was a great success and I believe it turned out great .

David and I went back to our room about 3pm ...we laid down to rest and watch some more of the OLYMPICS USA #1!!!! My sister came over and carried us for a lil tour of Natchez downtown! If you ever go you should really give her a call and have her to take you on a tour ....she may not know all the exact facts about everything round there but she will embellish what she does know and have you laughing the whole time !!!!! Thanks for the great time Sister!!!!!
Back to the hotel for another bigg tub soak ...I miss that tub !!! it was so bigg!!

SUNDAY {{8-17-08}}
Slept a little later...checked out bout 10...then headed for Mom's to pick up the girl's. got them and was on the road by 11:30am. I went to sleep and slept pretty much the entire trip ...by the way did the same on the way down here too !!! not sure why i did that , I never sleep the whole trip !! oh well we finally made it home. Unloaded and got a few things done around the house then had to watch the olympics ...I am loving it but hating the gymnastic judges !!!!!

MONDAY {{ 8-18-08}}

Today was our 7th wedding anniversary and my sweet sweet hubby had a gorgeous bokay sent to me and then carried me out . We just went for a ride and did a lil window shopping ...went out to eat OUTBACK yummmy ..had not been there with him ever so we had a first on our 7th !!!! i can not believe we had never been there but we just have been out to other places instead. Afterwards we headed for home as it had started to really rain hard.

This was my bigg weekend and if i can ever get the photo uploader to work right for me i will be posting pics or slideshows and i know at some point i will be scrapblogging this weekend ....it was a truly blessed time with my family whom i love so much !!!! THANK YOU TEDDYBEAR FOR A WONDERFUL FIRST 7 YEARS I LOOK FORWARD TO MANY MORE BLESSED YEARS WITH YOU BY MY SIDE .!!!!!


ashpags said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad that y'all got to have a fun weekend to celebrate. =)

Brandi said...

Happy anniversary! I can't wait to see pics and scraps!!!!

Darlene said...

Thank you guys ...we had great time and im working on loading up pics . I just hate dial up soooo slow !!!! :0(