Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday's Tales ...

Krysta & KaDee

Jordan, KaDee & Justin

Trevor & KaDee


How bout the ladies go USA?!?! Watched some of the gynastics ...beach volleyball,softball ... I had to take some time for the mens beach volleyball and of course the men's swimming races...GO MR PHELPS!!!!!

Today I heard about a lady of interest to me, Elizabeth "Libby" Callahan ,she is being called the oldest athlete on the USA more about her here..

She said in the interview I saw if she is still here in 4 years and still enjoying what she does she will be back ...You Go Girl!!!


I got to talk to my punkin munchkin today she told me she broke a house I miss my grandPunkin!!!! I am enjoying this quiet alone time too !!! I thought alot of my Trevor it will be 3 months this saturday since he died ....I keep wanting to send him a text or call him or catch him on myspace to just check in on him and see how he is doing !!!! I have been thinking about Christmas alot these last few days the coolness in the air and the leaves starting to change colors I guess has me starting to think of all the stuff to do . I know i have to keep my spirits up for my lil Punkin as well as the other family , at the same time I know it will be a hard holiday season. God is with me always i know and the next few months i know i am going to have to lean on Him more than I have had too .In His arms is where I want to stay but i can not learn and grow as His child if i stay there always. It is nice to know i can run back into those arms in times of need .




Brandi said...

I wish I had words of wisdom that could comfort you. I have no way to imagine the hole that has been left in your heart. But I do know you are right - the Lord our God is always there with you, his arms wrapped tightly to give you comfort.

I will constantly remember you as we approach oh so quickly the holiday season that will make so many emotions flow. My prayers to him for you daily.

Darlene said...

Thank you my friend !!!! I know i just have to lean on HIM !!!!! God Bless you !!!!