Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Messy girl just having fun!

KaDee with her Mommy's birthday cake ........then having some Dora yogurt!!!!! My granddaughter loves to get messy becuse she knows that then she will be getting to take a bath ...the girl loves a bath !!!!! When my punkin takes bath sometimes i get one too {{ or whoever happens to be bathing her}} she is a splasher ...hehe
Punkin is turning into a real girly girl too loves to have the nails done and her hair done "PRETTY" . I LOVE IT !!! I am getting to make her cute lil bows and play dress up with her like i did with her Mommie{[ my dear daughter Pookie Bear krysta ]}

God Bless You !!!!


Brandi said...

What a cutie pie! I just love watching kids learn and make messes!

Octamom said...

Thanks so much for your suggestions over at my 'place'--I have some great new ideas to keep everybody busy!

Enjoying reading through your blog--your little grandbaby is just DARLING~~~~oh, so cute~