Friday, February 29, 2008


Today has just been a day of waiting by the phone.......My Aunt Irene is in ICU and not doing good.....I am praying that God's will be done and if He is ready for her then just let her go on home to heaven.......I do not want her to go for my own selfish reasons......I do not want her to stay here though if she is not going to be ok and be well.......She has been ill for years , problems with asthma and allergy's .....she is also tired and lonely from missing her husband Uncle JE ( he died from cancer in 1986)and her son Michael (was killed 1999). there is many others parents and parents n law....alll that along with the sickness has just made her tired and even though i know she does not want to leave her son and daughter n law Gene & Rasty or her other family including her church family .....she is ready to go home to see her heavenly father.

God have you will just don't let her suffer anymore, please!!!

while waiting to day i have played with my grandbaby KaDee ......she is talking so much more these days and it is sooooo cute....she will 17 mths on March 4th....amazing lil baby girl !!!

I have decided if i have to make the trip to LA she will go with me since her mommy has to go to college. so it will be a trip for just me and her ...that should be funnnnn.......hehe Pray for me !!

I will be back later i have to go for now in case my MOM calls ....take care and GOD BLESS !!!

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